“There is no one size fits all,” is the biggest lie that’s ever been told to Cities and Residents on the subject of regulating short-term rentals. It’s easy to say and easy to repeat, but it's also a patently false.


The purpose of the slogan is to perpetuate secrecy and force every City to start from scratch, resulting in delayed regulation and weak enforcement. 


The Truth Is: There are concepts and provisions that work effectively to restore a City’s control over its zoning, increase compliance and improve a city’s ability to enforce its regulations. Cities like San Francisco, Santa Monica, Boston, New York have failed once already and learned from their mistakes.  Much of the vital language of these provisions has already been litigated and prevailed upon in the courts. 

We have developed a tool for Cities that allows Staff to quickly build the framework of a short-term rental ordinance based on the most effective and provisions where regulation is working.  

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